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Santa Rosa Guardianship Lawyer 

Julie S. Levy of Levy Carroll Law is focused on protecting the future of your children. Guardianship is necessary when you are temporarily or permanently unable to care for your children due to personal issues. Julie Levy will help your children receive the care they need from someone who has a vested interest in their well being. Many times these are family members or someone you have nominated. Julie Levy will work with you and the government agencies involved so your children will be able to receive stable care from family or loved ones.

Julie Levy’s work with parents and grandparents has allowed her to become knowledgeable on parent’s and grandparent’s rights. She can help protect the rights of the parents when faced with guardianship proceeding and assist the parent with the appointment of a preferred guardian. Julie Levy will be an advocate in order to preserve proper visitation rights for both parents are grandparents.

Are you a grandparent raising your grandchild or grandchildren because your own child is unable or unwilling?
Are you a parent who has been faced with having the court give guardianship of your child to your own parents or family members?

Children’s Guardianship Advocate

There are many reasons why the natural parents may be incapable of providing adequate care that their children’s needs. As an experienced legal guardianship lawyer, we are familiar with many different types of circumstances which create the need for legal responsibility and legal guardianship, situations where one or both parents have:

  • Passed away
  • Have a drug addiction problem
  • Are incapable of emotionally or financially supporting for their children
  • Have an alcohol or other substance abuse problem
  • Are in jail
  • Have endangered their children through their behavior or choices
  • Are too young to care for their child on their own
  • Suffer from severe mental illness
  • Become severely ill or suffer from a severe physical disability


Legal Guardianship Lawyer in Santa Rosa

Family members usually proceed through the legal guardianship process before they initiate adoption proceedings. We are knowledgeable and compassionate in assisting families with both matters.  Our firm is also able to facilitate temporary legal guardianship’s, when a child is at risk of being placed in a foster home or being taken away from the parents by Child Protective Services. We have found it is often in the best interest of the child to be placed with a loving family member in circumstances such as these. Establishing a guardianship is a legal means to keep the family together, limit disruption, and limit emotional trauma the child may otherwise experience.


Guardianship law in California allows the guardian to take legal responsibility for a minor child. Establishing guardianship when a parent is still alive generally requires the biological parents’ approval. If appointed legal guardian, there are several things that you are responsible for providing:

  • Food, clothing and shelter
  • Safety and protection
  • Management of the finances
  • Medical and dental care
  • Schooling grades K-12th

Our firm, Levy Carroll Law can provide your family support as you consider whether a guardianship is in your family’s best interests. Contact our firm for skilled guidance on guardianship issues. We will advise you on the proper procedure to obtain a guardianship. Our practice handles the actual guardianship proceedings, as well as a termination of guardianship.