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Caring Santa Rosa Divorce Attorneys

When couples get married they are often idealistic and believe it will last forever. Unfortunately, nearly half of all couples who marry in the United States will split despite their marriage vows. Couples promise to live by their vows because they are in love, but when a relationship fails and divorce becomes a reality, separation can become a lot like a business deal but fraught with even more emotion and vested interests.

This is when you need a Santa Rosa divorce lawyer who is compassionate and supportive, the attorneys at Levy Carroll Law listen to their clients wishes while being realistic about probable outcomes in a divorce situation. Divorce often involves the accumulation of assets the couple has acquired with added relationship loss and heartbreak. Divorcing couples must be able to distribute those assets, and a Santa Rosa divorce lawyer will be able to handle the divorce professionally while representing the best interests of the client.

A reputable Santa Rosa divorce lawyer is able to separate the emotional aspects of the divorce in a compassionate manner, while understanding the importance of handling both the business and financial interests that will have long lasting effects on their client’s well being following the end of the marriage.


Are You Ready for Divorce?

When you are facing a divorce and the end of a relationship you need a caring legal professional to help you sort out if you are ready to move forward. Relationships go through many stages whether they are marriages or domestic partnerships and there are many reasons why the word “divorce” comes up between couples. Which of these scenarios fits you best:

  • You want a divorce, but you are not totally convinced it is the right decision.  You keep going back and forth like a ping pong match with the thought, but don’t feel there is a really a good alternative. You want to be very sure you make the right decision because you know how many people’s lives it will affect for a lifetime-the pressure is on. You are thinking of your children, yourself, the person you once loved and you feel that you are going round and round.You used to love this person, but you are not sure if you are still in love with this person. You still like this person, you have many great memories, but not so many lately, yet you depend on them financially. When you think of raising  your children on your own as a single parent, you feel concerned  as you think about yours and their future. Just thinking of all the changes and choices can you feeling tired.  You are also very tired of how the relationship has been. What to do?? This is when it is good to speak with a caring Santa Rosa divorce lawyer that can help you weigh out your options and make a decision that is not emotionally based and more objective.


  • You don’t want a divorce, but your partner or spouse does. This revelation came as a shock to you, you didn’t see it coming or maybe you didn’t want to see it coming. You feel you are in a completely reactive state and can’t think straight. Your scared, hurt, feeling betrayed, panicked, and very vulnerable.You may feel emotionally devastated for some time; because you might feel your life is changing before your very eyes and you can’t change the outcome. This is where a trusted Santa Rosa divorce attorney can help you sort through your feelings and determine whether there is any hope of reconciliation.  Levy Carroll Law has helped many clients through this rough terrain with compassion; we assist you in deciding what is best for your future. Contact Levy Carroll Law today.

Ask Yourself These Questions:

  • Am I talking about divorce because of my anger and frustration?
  • Am I talking about divorce to gain power and control over the other person, to get them to see things my way?
  • I want to finally be taken seriously that I want real change and talking about divorce seems like the only way?
  • Am I using the idea of divorce as a wake up call that the marriage is failing so we will seek help?

You need to be clear that the relationship has ended and divorce is the correct option for the process to go smoothly. When divorce is a collaborative and respectful process, the couple must be prepared and ready to separate their lives on all levels; legally, practically and emotionally. When you are at this point the Levy Carroll law team can help you with the mediation process and create a divorce that is hopefully respectful of everyone involved.


Ending a Domestic Partnership

If you are looking to end a domestic partnership, Levy Carroll Law can help. Many of the same legal issues apply to couples who entered into a domestic partnership agreement as a marriage  Our legal team can help you address property division, child custody and child support, if applicable. No one can take the pain away from a relationship ending, but a compassionate, non-judgmental attorney can help ease the process of ending a long-term relationship.


Legal Representation with a Personal Touch

Family law and divorce concerns often come with emotional issues. The attorneys at Levy Carroll Law pride themselves on offering compassionate representation specifically tailored to your family law needs. Levy Carroll Law’s strategies are drafted around your specific case, with your family’s best interests at the forefront. When handled correctly, a divorce does not have to be an emotionally traumatizing event especially when the possibility of child custody is involved.

An experienced Santa Rosa divorce attorney is able to help the client set realistic goals, provide the necessary information accompanying the divorce process, and allow the client to maintain some control over the sometimes overwhelming emotions that arise during a dissolution. There are often prolonged emotional and economic ties following a divorce, especially when there are children and support payments involved.

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