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Compassionate Santa Rosa Child Custody Attorneys

Child custody cases can be trying at best and extremely painful at their worst, but always emotional for both parents and children. Keeping your child’s best interest at heart is a primary concern of Levy Carroll Law in child custody cases. Questions about child custody and visitation are inevitable in divorce and dissolution of marriage when children are involved, often, the final outcome of a child custody hearing will be greatly influenced by what happened earlier in the case — during the period of separation. It is best to contact a reputable Santa Rosa divorce lawyer that is very familiar with child custody law when you know your marriage is failing and you are talking about separation and divorce.

Child Custody Questions

Many times when approaching a separation or divorce both people are feeling highly charged emotionally and when children are involved the situation can easily escalate. There are many child custody questions, fears, and hopes you may have; a trusted child custody attorney  is one of the best professionals to consult about your questions. Understanding the process of divorce, separation and child custody laws helps take some of the fear out of the situation for most of our clients. We assist them in being proactive and keeping their children’s best interest at heart, not using their children as a bargaining chip to win at divorce.

We care about children and their families and work hard to ensure that parents find ways to work together for the best interest of their children. Contact Levy Carroll Law to schedule an initial low-cost consultation. We can assist you with every aspect of your child custody and visitation matter, as well as answer questions about California child support and grandparents’ rights to visitation. At the time of your divorce or custody action, a child custody determination will be made. Based upon an assessment of each parent’s capabilities and the needs of the child, a child custody order will establish who will have legal custody, the decision-making authority and physical custody, who has physical responsibility for the child’s care. Numerous child custody solutions are possible:

Three Custody Arrangements

  • Joint Legal & Physical Custody-Both parents have equal rights in both legal decision making and physical custody of the children; this arrangement is typical for most divorcing spouses today.
  • Joint Legal Custody & Sole Physical Custody-Both parents have equal rights in legal decision making and one parent has sole physical custody of the children with the other parent having visitation rights.
  • Sole Legal & Physical Custody-One parent has both legal decision making rights and physical custody of the children; this arrangement comes into play when one parent is not able to make legal decisions or have physical custody of the children. This is a rare situation that comes into play when there has been abuse, abandonment, documented mental challenges, or one parent is in prison or jail.

Your Child’s Well Being-Support & Visitation

In California, child support is determined using a formula that considers the number of children, the incomes of the noncustodial parent and the custodial parent, the cost of health insurance and other expenses, and other factors.

While child support is determined using child support guidelines, it is important to work with an attorney who knows when deviation from this formula is appropriate. At all times, we will keep the best interests of the child involved in mind.

Child visitation and parenting schedules must accommodate the needs of both parent and child. By taking the time to understand your unique family situation and your child’s needs, we can help you develop and secure a detailed parenting time schedule that minimizes the chance for conflicts and misunderstandings. As always, we keep your children’s well being to the forefront of all custody and child visitation and parenting schedule solutions.