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Choose Levy Carroll Law, Santa Rosa bankruptcy and divorce lawyers you can count on when you need advice the most!

Trusted Santa Rosa Bankruptcy Attorneys

Trust & Commitment

The Levy Carroll Law team has over 20 years experience in the legal profession. As Santa Rosa bankruptcy attorneys we provide clients a comfortable and safe environment to discuss legal issues.Trust is created with our initial contact and we encourage clients to be completely honest, telling us all of the facts, so we can analyze and then create the best possible courses of action.

Santa Rosa Bankruptcy Attorney

Passionate Representation

Levy Carroll Law attorneys are strong litigators and understand the pressure clients are under.  When we take on a case, we are passionate about giving the best legal representation to our clients and creating the best possible outcome given all factors. We manage costs while balancing the best interests between ongoing litigation and settlement.

Santa Rosa Divorce Lawyer

Leadership & Integrity

When life has presented you with a curve ball you need a trusted advocate to help you weigh your options. Our Santa Rosa bankruptcy, divorce, custody, guardianship, and personal injury lawyers have the leadership abilities to assist you with your most difficult life decisions.We consider it an honor our clients choose Levy Carroll Law when they need representation with integrity and action.

Santa Rosa Bankruptcy Attorney

 Your Best Interests

Our clients know we are focused on their best possible outcome from our first consultation. Clients choose Levy Carroll Law because we are strong litigators with compassion for our clients’ situation. Our clients know we are focused on their best interests.  Our Santa Rosa law firm is not satisfied until we know we have exceeded your expectations.



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Starting Over Takes Courage

  • Levy Carroll Law brings a deep commitment to each of their client’s cases which gives their clients the opportunity for a win-win solution.
  • As Santa Rosa bankruptcy, divorce, and personal injury lawyers we show our clients their options so they can have new hope based on the facts.
  • Whether you are going through bankruptcy or divorce we want you to unleash your super hero and know that tomorrow will bring new beginnings in your life.
  • When children are involved in either a divorce, custody, or guardianship case we assist our clients in advocating for the best outcome for their children.
  • We understand that whether you are facing bankruptcy or divorce, it is challenging emotionally, physically, and mentally; but know that you can take that leap to a new beginning.